*Try to define the Trinity and you’ll lose your mind. Deny it and you’ll lose your soul!!!
*God is never late and never in a hurry.
*God is not some cosmic kill-joy. Every time He says, “Thou shalt not,” He’s simply saying, “Don’t hurt yourself.” And every time He says, “Thou shalt,” He’s saying, “Help yourself to happiness.”

4 Responses to “WEDNESDAY, APRIL 16TH”

  1. Allyson Lee says:

    Love the new website. I tried explaining The Trinity to Ally. I don’t think I did a very good job. Any suggestions explaining the Trinity to an 8 year old

    • Mel Poe says:

      Allyson, I do not believe person can explain the Trinity. But to keep it on simple terms, use the simple unity between Water, Ice and Steam. All the same, yet each is different in their responsibilities. Water is Liquid, Ice Is solid, and Steam vapor. God the father .God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Not three Gods, but one God in the different responsibilities. ALL ARE ONE

  2. Kait Martin says:

    These are great, Papa! Love having a place where everything is written down in one space.

  3. Lynn Ferrell says:

    This is great! The Trinity is the hardest thing for me to wrap my head around. Every now and then, I’ll get a small glimpse or insight. It helps put other things into perspective just a tiny bit more. Faith is the victory.

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