Today Is Different Than Yesterday

Today is different than yesterday

  • Yesterday I would get up and go work out, I would go the grocery store and pick up whatever I needed, I would worship on Sunday with all my family and friends, I would plan events, I would have meetings during the day and at night, and life seemed to move at an incredible pace. But that seemed to change within a 24 hour period. The gym is closed, the grocery store is missing everyday essentials, worship is not in an empty sanctuary, events have been canceled, meetings are on social media, but life has NOT slowed! LOL! (Laugh Out Loud). Now time is consumed with thinking outside the box and trying to take crash courses in Live Streaming and Social Media practices. Through all that is taking place, the God I worshipped yesterday is the same God I am worshipping today. See, I am experiencing challenges and issues today just like I was yesterday.  They may look different, but He still handles them like He did yesterday. He simply asks me to “Trust Him”. That’s what I am going to do!

Live Streaming Schedule

  •      Sunday’s @ 9:30am – Family Bible Study -Armor of God
  •      Sunday’s @ 10am – Morning Worship
  •      Sunday’s @ 6pm – Evening Worship
  •      Wednesday’s @ 5:30pm – Youth WNL
  •      Wednesday’s @ 6:30pm – Recharge
  •      10:30am – Tuesdays and Thursdays – Bro. D’s Reach Outs
  •       ***COMING SOON*** Children’s Ministry efforts are in the works!

 How To Watch

  •      Our efforts are to stay in touch with our Calvary family and community. We are working everyday trying to provided resources and opportunities to connect with your church staff and church. We have currently established a FaceBook Live feed on our Calvary Baptist Church of Union City Facebook group. We have discovered that this group is our private group. We will be adding our Calvary Baptist Church Union City TN page to the live stream. Our plans are to also add a YouTube channel and live stream there by this Wednesday night. With that being said. You should have access to any of those feeds through apps on your smartphone. Many would like to watch these feeds on their tv’s with their families. Most smart tv’s have YouTube available. Once our feed makes it to YouTube that will be a great option. Other ways of seeing the feeds on tv is through mirroring your phone to your tv through special apps or devices. I plan to go over many of these options on a post to Facebook soon. I will try to copy that post here too! There is another simple way that is easily overlooked. Most laptops now include an HDMI out. That means you can connect your laptop up to your TV with an HDMI cable just like you would a DVD player and any content you access with your laptop would also be available on your TV.

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