Let’s Get Blogging

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Let’s Get Blogging

  • Blogging is a great way to share information and keep others informed of things going on. It is also a place to share ideas and thoughts about things. It is also “time-consuming”. It takes time for me to pool my thoughts and type them up to post them on a blog. But I am going to try it!  It is crazy how difficult it is to keep things informative and yet short when blogging. It will take me more time and effort to keep my blog short than it will to just type out some thoughts. I will work at refining that and also at providing good info. I hope you will find my blog to be useful and will visit it often. So, let’s get blogging!

Upcoming Events

  • This Upward season has been absolutely amazing! What makes it amazing, people do. Most of our volunteer staff believe in Upward and the reasons behind it. Please let them know how much you appreciate all they do. Upward is a 3-month mission project and it does wear you down. So, pray and ask the Lord to continue to supply our volunteers with passion and with the rest they need.
  • Upward Award’s Night! Pray, Pray, Pray!  Can God move in a big way at Upward Award’s Night? Yes, He can! Pray that everything goes smoothly and that hearts are changed!
  • Youth Encountering Christ Weekend is March 13-15 at Natchez Trace State Park. This is a 3-day retreat for our youth. Every youth in our church should make an effort to attend.  Young people attending this retreat falls on the shoulders of our parents.  Parents! Please see the value in this weekend of spiritual growth and relationship building. This is where those things happen.


  • Many of our Calvary members are trying to read through the Bible in a year. Several started their reading plan on January 1.  I have been doing this along with them and so far I have been able to keep up. There has been once or twice I had to read 2 days worth in 1 day. The amount of information that I have read through in Genesis, Exodus, and Leviticus has been eye-opening. I have read through the Bible before, but each time I do I discover new things that correct some of my own thinking.  I am challenged to see things the way God sees them and I realize how strayed the world has made me in some areas.  Take the time, start today, read the Bible through!

Personal Book Reading

  • I am currently reading several books, but this post is a quick look at some information I discovered in “The Great Evangelical Recession: 6 Factors That Will Crash The American Church…and How to Prepare”. According to this book and I believe other signs around us, WE ARE IN BIG TROUBLE! Research is being done on how much of the American population represents “Evangelical Christians”. I don’t have time to go into a long summary, but here is what I have learned so far.  Research filtered out everyone who says that they are born-again Christians and everyone who says they are born-again Christians and live like it on a daily basis. Those that live out what they say represent about 7 to 8 percent of the American population. I will leave you with that to ponder!