My Top 10 Favorite Christian Podcasts

Whether it’s during my commute to the church each day, getting ready in the morning, going to sleep at night, or any time in between, I listen to many podcasts to encourage and edify myself in my spiritual walk.  They can be found on almost any smartphone and are completely FREE! Podcasts are a great tool God has given us to grow in Christ.  Here’s my top ten favorites!
#10 – 5 Minutes in Church History
I’m not the biggest history buff, but it’s vital that we understand what the church has come from and how we got to where we are today. This podcast is entertaining and discusses topics like the King James version of the Bible and preachers of old.  And it’s only 5 minutes!  There’s no excuse not to listen!
#9 – Daily Radio Program with Charles Stanley
From the pulpit of Charles Stanley, this podcast has taught me a great deal about Scripture.  One time God convicted me so much in one of Dr. Stanley’s sermons that I called someone after listening at midnight and forgave them!
#8 – The Gospel Coalition
This podcast discusses basically every topic you could think of regarding Christian life.  Why is physical fitness important? How can we effectively share our faith?  How can you properly fear God?  I can’t say enough about how beneficial this podcast is!
#7 – Crazy Love Perhaps one of my top five favorite preachers, Francis Chan is truly in love with the Lord.  Hearing his zeal will encourage you to fall more in love with Jesus.  Give this podcast a listen.  You won’t regret it!
#6 – The Bible Project Want to know something about the Bible?  These guys have you covered!  They discuss deep biblical theology, but don’t let that scare you.  All that means is they look in depth at what the Bible means and how we can apply it to our lives!
#5 – The Rick and Bubba Show Straying away from sermons, this podcast discusses current events from a conservative perspective.  This is one of my favorite news outlets and can be heard live locally on 104.9 FM each weekday morning. These guys are FUNNY!
#4 – Wretched Radio Each Wednesday on “Witness Wednesday” this small group of people go to a college campus and evangelize to people live on the radio.  How cool is that?!  Take a listen and hear people discuss what it means to be a Christian and why we need Jesus.  Listen joyfully as God stirs the hearts of lost people on college campuses.
#3 – The Dave Ramsey Show God has called us to be good stewards of our finances.  I struggled with being a good financial steward for years.  I’m so thankful for how God has used Dave Ramsey.  He offers a simple yet profound plan to win with your money.  Though sometimes harsh, he tells you what you need to hear!  Give it a listen and never look at money the same!  DEBT IS DUMB!
#2 – The Daily Audio Bible Ever wanted to read the whole Bible in a year? Here you go! Beginning January 1 of each year, Brian Hardin sits down each morning and reads through the entirety of Scripture.  Not only does he read, but he also dives into the meaning of Scripture and helps you apply it to your life.  There is an app for this podcast as well with a growing community of believers.
#1 Love Worth Finding with Adrian Rogers Sermons from the pulpit of Adrian Rogers during his time at Bellevue Baptist Church.  Even after his departure from this earth, his sermons live on.  Listen to him beautifully preach the gospel and be forever changed by God’s amazing grace.
Well there you have it!  My top ten favorite podcasts.  I encourage you to give these a try soon.  There is undoubtedly some that you’ll find beneficial.  Listen to these with joy. Experience God like never before.  Until then, blessings!

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