Fullness of Life – Back to School

Fullness of Life – Back to School

Back to School

The buses are running once again, the opportunity clocks are set a little earlier, and uncertainty is at an all time high.  Teachers, administrators, health providers, parents, and students are all nervous as the hallways of our public-school system are once again buzzing with activity.

 Unanswerable questions seem to replace questions about test and academic subjects. Are we going to have sports? How many students or teachers will it take with positive COVID test before school is canceled? What do I do if I am around someone who test positive for COVID? Who knows the answers to these questions? Only the Lord!

There is still a sense of anticipation of, “are we going to make it”? How many weeks will it take to survive school being open before we can breathe easy again?  I believe everyone is hoping that the start of the 2020 school year could finally release us from the grip of this crazy pandemic.

This is a time for all followers of Christ to grow in their faith.  How many time I have prayed for the Lord to guide us through this crisis, to help us learn the lessons we need to learn, to protect us from uncertainties, and to strengthen our trust in Him. Psalms 34:4 states, “I sought the Lord, and he answered me; he delivered me from all my fears”.

What’s Happening Right Now 

  • Children’s ministries have kicked off at Calvary Baptist Church! Last night the Fellowship Hall was full of children and their parents signing up for GA’s, RA’s and Children’s music ministries.  There seemed to be a long anticipated excitement in the air as everyone normal again.
  • Men’s 9 Hole Golf Scramble on Mondays at 5pm. Come join a time of fellowship and recreation on Monday afternoons at Wynridge Golf Course in Troy. We have a short devotional, draw teams, and then enjoy 9 holes of golf. The cost is $23 and it’s open to our Calvary men and their guest.
  • Men’s Bible Study begins on Thursday, September 3. There are 2 times to choose from: 6am or 7pm. The bible study will last for 1 hour and this year’s study is “How To Be A Man-Learning from real men of the Bible”. A sign-up list is available at the Welcome Center.
  • Ladies Event is being planned for Saturday, November 7. Be watching for more information coming soon!

Current Ministry Needs 

  • Cleaning Team > there is a need for 4 people to help sanitize the sanctuary on Sunday’s. Please help in this area. You give us your timeline. If you can help for a week, month, 3 month’s; you let us know. Anytime at all will give someone else a break.
  • Van Ministry > there is a need for van drivers to go and pick up families for church on Sundays. What a great ministry of going and bringing in people for church.


The resource I would like to share with you today is “God’s Promises”.  How many times have you needed a promise from God?  Maybe it’s a promise for you during a difficult time in life or maybe you would like to offer and encouraging verse to a friend. I have 2 resources that I visit weekly when I am needing that special verse for a certain situation. If you are a app user on your smart phone, search “Promises” in your app store. The icon has an open bible with John 3:16 across the top. If you would prefer a hard copy.  Go to Amazon.com and search “God’s Promises for your Everyday Needs by Jack Countryman”, that is the one I use on a regular basis.




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